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What is Catwalk Code Creator about?

Catwalk Code Creator is a GitHub application that offers an opinionated MDD (Model Driven Design) code generator for Angular and Java Spring applications. This service allows users to import a model from JSON and generate code for a backend Spring (microservice) resource server with MongoDB, as well as an Angular front-end application. The generated code is then pushed to GitHub, making it easy for developers to build and deploy distributed applications that manage historical events.

Catwalk Code Creator is an efficient tool that simplifies the development process by automating the code generation process. With this service, developers can quickly create custom applications that are tailored to their specific needs. The generated code is based on best practices and is optimized for Angular and Java Spring, ensuring that the resulting application is high-quality and performs well. By using Catwalk Code Creator, developers can save time and focus on building applications that meet their business requirements.

What are Catwalk Code Creator features and benefits?

- Opinionated MDD code generator
- Generates code for Angular and Java Spring applications
- Import models from JSON
- Build backend Spring (microservice) resource server with MongoDB
- Build Angular front-end app
- Push to GitHub
- Deploy to Qovery

What is Catwalk Code Creator pricing?

The pricing for Catwalk Code Creator's Basic plan, which includes all features and allows users to build a model and have the code generated and pushed, is $0.

Integrate Catwalk Code Creator in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Catwalk Code Creator in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to quickly access and review generated code within the same platform they are already using for code reviews, increasing efficiency and streamlining the review process.

Learn more about Catwalk Code Creator on the GitHub marketplace.

Catwalk Code Creator GitHub integration screenshots

Code generation flow

Code generation flow

Generate and Build Angular Spring Applications

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