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What is ChatCody about?

ChatCody is a powerful AI chatbot designed to assist GitHub users with code reviews and suggestions. Its cutting-edge AI technology can understand the context of your code and provide insightful responses to comments, making suggestions for changes and improvements. The chatbot is specifically built to review pull requests by analyzing the changes made and providing detailed comments on the changes. This helps ensure that the final product is of high quality and meets the desired specifications.

One of the key features of ChatCody is its ability to reply to comments and mentions, enabling a more streamlined code review process. As the chatbot can address any concerns or questions that may arise during the review process, the feedback loop is shorter, and development teams can move forward faster.

ChatCody's AI technology allows it to provide valuable insights and suggestions, making it an essential tool for developers looking to improve their code quality and efficiency. With its ability to understand the context of the code, ChatCody is a valuable assistant for any GitHub user looking to streamline their workflow and improve their code review process.

What are ChatCody features and benefits?

- AI-powered code review and suggestion tool
- Analyzes changes in pull requests
- Provides detailed comments on changes
- Understands code context
- Makes suggestions for changes and improvements
- Efficient and streamlined code review process
- Can reply to comments and mentions
- Shorter feedback loop for faster development

What is ChatCody pricing?

ChatCody's pricing includes a free trial and a free alpha test trial, with a $0 cost.

Integrate ChatCody in Slack with Axolo

Integrating ChatCody with Axolo can help streamline the code review process by providing insightful comments and suggestions based on AI technology, allowing for a more efficient and effective review process.

Learn more about ChatCody on the GitHub marketplace.

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