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What is Check Group about?

Check Group is a GitHub application that simplifies the process of managing Continuous Integration (CI) checks for monorepo projects. Monorepo projects are large codebases that contain multiple sub-projects. The application groups CI checks based on these sub-projects and converts all the required checks into one for simplicity and to work with a protected branch.

For example, a monorepo project can define that changes checked into documentation should pass a set of checks like markdown lint and GitHub pages build, and changes checked into mobile app source should pass another set of checks like app unit tests and integration tests before merging. Check Group allows you to combine all of these requirements into a single check, making it easier to manage and monitor the overall health of your monorepo project.

Check Group also allows you to define a set of checks to check sub-projects' compatibility. This feature ensures that all sub-projects are compatible with each other, preventing any potential issues that may arise due to incompatible code. Overall, Check Group simplifies the management of CI checks for monorepo projects, making it easier to ensure the quality and compatibility of your codebase.

What are Check Group features and benefits?

- Group CI checks based on sub-projects
- Convert required checks into one for simplicity
- Define sets of checks for specific sub-projects
- Check changes in documentation with markdown lint and github pages build
- Check changes in mobile app source with app unit tests, app integration test, and app static analysis
- Check sub-projects' compatibility with compatibility check
- Combine all requirements into a single check.

What is Check Group pricing?

The pricing for Check Group's GitHub application is free for the preview version.

Integrate Check Group in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Check Group in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to receive notifications in real-time about the status of their code review and the results of the CI checks. This helps them to quickly identify any issues or errors and take action to resolve them, leading to faster and more efficient code review processes.

Learn more about Check Group on the GitHub marketplace.

Check Group GitHub integration screenshots

Example pull request that utilizes the combined CI check

Example pull request that utilizes the combined CI check

Example details of the Check Group status

They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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