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What is Cirrus CI about?

Cirrus CI is a cloud-based GitHub application that aims to streamline your development cycle by providing a fast, efficient, and secure way to ship software. By leveraging modern cloud technologies, Cirrus CI is able to scale with your team and make software shipping faster and cheaper.

One of the key features of Cirrus CI is its Flexible Build Execution Environment, which allows users to use any Docker or Virtual Machine images as an environment to execute builds for their repositories. This means that there is no need to wait for anyone to upgrade a version of a library in the CI environment, as users can choose their own environment.

In addition to its flexibility, Cirrus CI is also known for its speed. It typically takes only a few hundred milliseconds from the moment a change is pushed to GitHub to the moment your build is executing inside of a Docker container.

Cirrus CI also offers an innovative pricing model, with the service being free for OSS and affordable for personal use. For others, the service offers per-second billing.

Despite its advanced features, Cirrus CI is designed to be simple and transparent. Even very complex builds can be configured via a readable and concise configuration format, and no magic is happening under the hood for your builds. What is configured in the .

What are Cirrus CI features and benefits?

- Flexible Build Execution Environment 📦
- Speed ⚡️
- Innovative Pricing Model 💰
- Simplicity 🍳
- Transparency AKA No Magic 🕵🏻

What is Cirrus CI pricing?

Public Repositories: $0
Private Personal Repositories: $10/month
Private Organization Repositories: $10 per seat/month

Integrate Cirrus CI in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Cirrus CI in Slack with Axolo can benefit engineers by allowing them to receive build status updates and notifications directly in their Slack channels, making it easier to stay on top of their code review tasks and ensuring that they can quickly address any issues that arise during the build process.

Learn more about Cirrus CI on the GitHub marketplace.

Cirrus CI GitHub integration screenshots

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Build UI

Task UI

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