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What is Code Expander about?

CodeExpander is a cloud-based development tool designed to help developers work more efficiently by saving and managing frequently used code snippets. The tool includes input enhancement features such as text expansion, allowing users to create powerful snippets that can be expanded automatically by setting abbreviations. With unlimited public and private clips, grouping, and cloud synchronization, CodeExpander makes it easy to manage and share snippets across platforms, including Github and 码云.

The tool offers a range of features to help developers work faster and smarter. Users can expand snippets in any application, from single lines to whole paragraphs, and search and expand snippets, abbreviations, and suggestions inline as they type. CodeExpander also includes reminders to use snippets and suggestions as users type, and a nice interface relative to other text expander tools.

In addition to its text expansion features, CodeExpander offers non-sensory synchronization of Gist, allowing users to add, delete, and update Gist with ease. The tool also supports multi-level Gist relationships, and includes a preview function for rich text, Javascript, Python, Bash, Shell, and AppleScript. Overall, CodeExpander is a powerful tool for developers looking to streamline their workflow and save time on repetitive tasks.

What are Code Expander features and benefits?

- Input enhancement (text expander)
- Code snippet management
- Automatic expansion of snippets using abbreviations
- Cloud synchronization to Localization, Github, 码云 platforms
- Unlimited public/private clips
- Grouping of clips
- Online editing of clips
- Sharing of clips with others
- Powerful snippets and abbreviations to streamline typing
- Ability to expand snippets in any application
- Inline search and expansion of snippets, abbreviations, and suggestions
- Reminders to use snippets and suggestions while typing
- Nice interface
- Non-sensory synchronization of Gist
- Ability to add, delete, and update Gist
- Multi-level Gist relationship
- Preview function for snippets in rich text, Javascript, Python, Bash, Shell, and AppleScript.

What is Code Expander pricing?

Code Expander's pricing is free, with $0 cost.

Integrate Code Expander in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Code Expander in Slack with Axolo can benefit developers by allowing them to quickly access and use code snippets and abbreviations while reviewing code in Axolo's ephemeral channels. This can save time and increase efficiency by streamlining the code review process. Additionally, Code Expander's cloud synchronization capabilities allow for easy sharing and collaboration on code snippets with others.

Learn more about Code Expander on the GitHub marketplace.

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