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What is Commentor about?

Commentor is a GitHub application that helps teams improve their code review process by gathering comments and allowing for analysis. Code reviews are an important part of the software development process, and Commentor is designed to help teams share knowledge and raise the overall quality level of their code. By using Commentor, teams can define standard ways of coding that everyone agrees upon, decrease the time spent reviewing code, and find ways of improvement for their most experienced developers so they can help raise the general code quality of the team.

Commentor is an ideal solution for teams that want to improve their code review process and get the most out of their code reviews. With Commentor, teams can analyze their code review comments and identify areas for improvement, helping to enhance the quality and consistency of their code base. If you want to learn more about Commentor and how it can help your team, head to their documentation website to understand better what methods they propose and how Commentor can help you.

What are Commentor features and benefits?

List of Commentor features:
1. Gathers code review comments
2. Allows analysis of code review comments
3. Helps teams share knowledge
4. Raises general code quality level
5. Enables consistency in a code base
6. Enhances legibility
7. Prevents accidental errors
8. Defines standard ways of coding
9. Decreases time spent reviewing code
10. Provides ways of improvement for experienced developers

What is Commentor pricing?

The pricing for Commentor's Free Tier is $0. It includes the basic features of the GitHub application, allowing users to gather and analyze code review comments.

Integrate Commentor in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Commentor in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows teams to gather and analyze code review comments in one place, enabling them to improve code quality, share knowledge, and enhance consistency in a code base.

Learn more about Commentor on the GitHub marketplace.

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