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What is Cottage Freelancing about?

Cottage Freelancing is a powerful B2B SaaS application that allows you to put bounties on the issues in your private or public Github repository. With Cottage, you can easily host your project in a cloud-hosted development environment, making it easily accessible to a global team of freelancers. This means that you can get your projects completed faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Cottage Freelancing is specifically designed for React and Typescript projects, making it the perfect choice for businesses that specialize in these areas. With Cottage, you can easily assign tasks to freelancers and watch as they move across your kanban board. This gives you complete visibility into the progress of your projects, allowing you to make informed decisions and stay on top of your deadlines.

If you're looking for a powerful and reliable way to manage your React and Typescript projects, then Cottage Freelancing is the perfect choice. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and global network of freelancers, Cottage is the ultimate solution for businesses that want to get their projects completed quickly and efficiently. So why wait? Install the app and start using Cottage today!

What are Cottage Freelancing features and benefits?

- Ability to put bounties on issues in private or public Github repository
- Supports React and Typescript projects
- Cloud-hosted development environment
- Accessible by a global team of freelancers
- Freelancers can complete tasks at their leisure
- Kanban board to track task progress
- Easy installation process
- Ability to assign issues to "Cottage" to begin

What is Cottage Freelancing pricing?

Cottage Freelancing's pricing is transaction-based, charging 10% of every transaction with a minimum fee of $0.

Integrate Cottage Freelancing in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Cottage Freelancing in Slack with Axolo can enhance code review efficiency by allowing the right person to act on the code review through an ephemeral channel, while also enabling Cottage Freelancing to easily access and complete bounties on issues in the Github repository hosted in their cloud-hosted development environment.

Learn more about Cottage Freelancing on the GitHub marketplace.

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