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What is Crowdin about?

Crowdin is an automated and continuous localization tool that seamlessly integrates into your development process. It allows you to localize any kind of software using the same tool, supporting over 30 file formats, including .md, .xml, .json, .xliff, .csv, .php, .resx, .yml, .properties, .strings, and more. With Crowdin, you can bring your translators to work within the platform or choose one of the best translation agencies cooperating with them, providing you with access to over 20,000 professional translators.

Crowdin also offers a Translation Memory and Machine Translations feature, allowing you to pre-translate your content so that translators have less work to do, and the translation progress goes faster. Additionally, the platform offers Context and Glossary features, which help translators understand your product better using screenshots, comments, and in-context, ensuring the terminology is consistent by adding a glossary.

Finally, Crowdin provides Reports and Tasks features, which allow you to manage your project easily. You can use reports to estimate and count translation costs, track the progress of translations, and more. You can also create tasks to set deadlines and assign strings to specific translators and proofreaders. Crowdin is trusted by companies like Kickstarter

What are Crowdin features and benefits?

What is Crowdin pricing?

Free Open Source license: $0
Bronze: $150/month
Silver: $300/month
Platinum: $450/month

Integrate Crowdin in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Crowdin in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for seamless localization of code and automated translation updates. This means that translations can be easily managed and updated within the same platform as code reviews, saving time and increasing efficiency for developers and translators alike.

Learn more about Crowdin on the GitHub marketplace.

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