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What is DeepScan about?

DeepScan is an advanced static analysis tool that helps developers identify possible runtime errors and quality issues in their JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Vue.js code. By using data-flow analysis to understand the execution flow of the program, DeepScan can provide accurate and actionable insights into the code without running it.

Integrating with GitHub repositories, DeepScan continuously analyzes projects as commits are pushed, giving developers an overall picture of their team's quality status. Issues are automatically merged, allowing developers to track code issues over time and maintain their project's grade, which indicates its relative goodness compared to other open-source projects.

With DeepScan, developers can focus on finding and fixing real issues instead of coding conventions, resulting in higher-quality code and fewer runtime errors. DeepScan's lower false alarm rates make it a reliable tool for maintaining code quality and improving the overall performance of web projects.

What are DeepScan features and benefits?

- Advanced static analysis tool
- Supports JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Vue.js
- Finds possible runtime errors and quality issues
- Supports data-flow analysis
- Low false alarm rates
- Integrates with GitHub repositories
- Continuous analysis of projects as commits are pushed
- Overall picture of team's quality status
- Issues are automatically merged and tracked over time
- Simple grade indicating relative goodness of project with open source projects

What is DeepScan pricing?

DeepScan's pricing includes a free option for open source projects, a Starter package with a free trial for up to 5 private projects and team dashboard, and a cost of $19 per seat per month.

Integrate DeepScan in Slack with Axolo

Integrating DeepScan in Slack with Axolo can help engineers identify possible runtime errors and quality issues in their JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Vue.js code faster and more efficiently.

Learn more about DeepScan on the GitHub marketplace.

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Better Understand Your JavaScript

Better Understand Your JavaScript

Always Know Your Team's Quality Status
Track Issues Over Time
Maintain Your Grade

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