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What is Dpulls about?

Dpulls is a GitHub application that helps developers manage their pull requests in a more efficient and organized manner. It is specifically designed for those who often find themselves dealing with a large number of dependent pull requests that need to be merged in a specific order. With Dpulls, developers can ensure that their pull requests are not merged in the wrong order, which can lead to confusion and errors.

Dpulls offers a range of features to help developers manage their pull requests, including nested dependencies, cross-repository and cross-organization support, and conditional merge. This makes it particularly useful for large organizations where many people work on multiple interdependent projects, and where communication can sometimes be difficult.

By using Dpulls, developers can regain control over their pull requests and ensure that they are merged in the correct order. This not only helps to avoid accidental merges, but also gives developers the visibility they need to manage their work more effectively. Overall, Dpulls is a valuable tool for any developer looking to improve their pull request management process and avoid common pitfalls.

What are Dpulls features and benefits?

- Nested dependencies
- Cross-repository support
- Cross-organization support
- Conditional merge

What is Dpulls pricing?

The pricing for Dpulls, a GitHub application, is free for public and personal projects.

Integrate Dpulls in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Dpulls in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to easily review and manage dependent pull requests in an organized and efficient manner. With Axolo's ephemeral channels and Dpulls' conditional merge feature, teams can ensure that pull requests are reviewed and merged in the correct order, reducing the risk of errors and improving communication within large organizations.

Learn more about Dpulls on the GitHub marketplace.

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