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What is Ensure Single Commit about?

Ensure Single Commit is a GitHub application that helps ensure a clean and organized git history by enforcing a single commit per pull request. This tool checks each pull request and alerts users if there are multiple commits in the request. The application encourages users to complete all work-in-progress commits before doing a rebase and pushing a single commit to the main branch. This ensures that the git history remains linear and easy to follow, making it easier for developers to track changes and collaborate effectively. By using Ensure Single Commit, development teams can maintain a clean and organized git history, which can ultimately lead to more efficient and effective collaboration. Overall, Ensure Single Commit is a simple yet powerful tool that helps streamline the development process and improve the quality of code.

What are Ensure Single Commit features and benefits?

- Checks PRs to ensure single commit per PR
- Promotes rebasing for a linear git history

What is Ensure Single Commit pricing?

Ensure Single Commit's pricing is always free and there are no charges associated with it.

Integrate Ensure Single Commit in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Ensure Single Commit in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it ensures that each pull request has a single commit, which helps maintain a linear git history and makes code reviews faster and more efficient.

Learn more about Ensure Single Commit on the GitHub marketplace.

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