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What is Faster CI about?

Faster CI is a GitHub application that offers Continuous Integration services for Bazel projects. The service is designed to help developers focus on coding by reducing the time spent waiting for builds and managing build infrastructure. Faster CI offers a build infrastructure that is optimized for Bazel, which can speed up build times by up to 60 times. The basic build logs are delivered in the GitHub UI, which offers better visibility into the build process. The service also reduces infrastructure costs by leveraging incremental build caching and efficient autoscaling workers, which can help optimize cloud costs. Faster CI takes care of the CI infrastructure, which reduces maintenance and allows developers to focus on their code. The service also offers more secure secrets by restricting workflow secrets to specific branches to prevent them from being leaked. Additionally, the CI configuration can be kept in the repository and version controlled. Faster CI offers a free plan to help developers get started.

What are Faster CI features and benefits?

- Continuous Integration for Bazel projects
- Up to 60x faster builds
- Build infrastructure optimized for Bazel
- Basic build log in GitHub UI
- Incremental build caching
- Efficient autoscaling workers
- CI infrastructure management
- Dashboard for improved visibility
- Branch-specific workflow secrets
- Configuration as code
- Free to get started

What is Faster CI pricing?

The Starter plan is free for small teams and open source projects, with a free trial available for the PRO version. Full pricing information can be found on

Integrate Faster CI in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Faster CI with Axolo in Slack is beneficial because it allows developers to review code faster by opening an ephemeral channel for each pull request and inviting the right person to act on the code review. This saves time and allows developers to focus on writing code instead of waiting for builds and managing the build infrastructure.

Learn more about Faster CI on the GitHub marketplace.

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