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What is FeatureNinjas about?

FeatureNinjas is a unique GitHub application that allows you to easily manage feature flags right from within your repositories. With FeatureNinjas, you can define feature flags using JSON either in a separate or in one of your existing code repositories on GitHub. Once you define your feature flags, FeatureNinjas serves them through an easy-to-use API.

Your feature flags are treated just like any other code, and you can use branches, commit history, and access control by using GitHub built-in functionality. Getting started with FeatureNinjas takes only three simple steps: install the app into any of your repositories, add a .featureninjas.yml control file and a JSON file that contains your flags and their rules, and use the simple API to fetch the flags.

Currently, FeatureNinjas supports simple flags only in the free plan, such as boolean, number, and text. However, they have extended flags with custom variables and complex logic plus rollout strategies ready as well. If you want to get access before they create the paid plan, you can send them a mail or DM, and they'll grant access to the first 100 users.

In summary, FeatureNinjas is a powerful tool that helps developers manage feature flags in a simple and efficient

What are FeatureNinjas features and benefits?

List of FeatureNinjas' application features:
1. Serves feature flags from within your repositories
2. Defines feature flags using JSON
3. Easy-to-use API
4. Feature flags treated like any other code
5. Uses GitHub's built-in functionality for branches, commit history, and access control
6. Three simple steps to get started
7. Supports simple flags in free plan (boolean, number, text)
8. Extended flags with custom variables and complex logic plus rollout strategies ready
9. Access granted to first 100 users who send a mail or DM.

What is FeatureNinjas pricing?

The pricing for FeatureNinjas is free and includes unlimited feature flags. The cost is $0.

Integrate FeatureNinjas in Slack with Axolo

Integrating FeatureNinjas in Slack with Axolo can help engineers easily review code by providing them with feature flags right from within their Slack channels, allowing them to quickly identify and act on any issues related to the code review process.

Learn more about FeatureNinjas on the GitHub marketplace.

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