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What is Figstack about?

Figstack is a GitHub application that aims to simplify the process of reading, writing, and understanding code. It is designed to help developers ask questions, explain code, and calculate the time complexity of functions. With Figstack, developers can easily select the code they want more explanation on during PR review and use one of the three available commands to get the help they need.

The "/explain" command allows developers to have the code explain itself in simple steps, making it easier to understand and follow. The "/ask" command enables developers to ask questions about their code as if they are talking to a programming instructor, getting answers that can help them improve their coding skills. Finally, the "/complexity" command allows developers to measure the time complexity of their code in Big O notation, helping them optimize their code for better performance.

Overall, Figstack is a powerful tool that can help developers improve their coding skills and streamline their workflow. By providing easy-to-use commands and features, Figstack makes it easier for developers to understand, explain, and optimize their code.

What are Figstack features and benefits?

- Code explanation feature (/explain)
- Code question feature (/ask [question])
- Time complexity measurement feature (/complexity)

What is Figstack pricing?

Figstack's pricing includes a Free Unrestricted plan that costs $0.

Integrate Figstack in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Figstack in Slack with Axolo helps engineers review code faster by allowing them to ask questions, explain code, and calculate the time complexity of functions directly within the ephemeral channel created for each pull request.

Learn more about Figstack on the GitHub marketplace.

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Ask Question

Ask Question

Explain Code
Time Complexity

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