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What is FlowUI about?

FlowUI is a powerful GitHub application designed specifically for Quality Assurance (QA) professionals. It is an all-in-one app that allows testers to write and run iOS UI Automation tests without the need for any developer coding experience. With FlowUI, testers can begin testing immediately by simply double-clicking the app. The app's design is similar to the KIF framework with a graphical IDE, making it easy to use.

One of the benefits of FlowUI is its intelligent built-in app inspection feature, which allows testers to know exactly which view object to tap, type, or assert without the need for accessibility viewers. The app also comes with instruction grouping, which enables testers to perform more complex operations while maintaining simplicity via its hierarchical layout. Groups of instructions can be saved and reused, or even linked across multiple tests, ensuring that changes in the app can be reflected across multiple tests by updating a single test.

FlowUI also enables emulator/simulator paralleled testing, allowing testers to run any number of simulators the system can handle to speed up test runs. The app's easy localization feature ensures that the instructions that make up the test can be localized to any language supported by iOS.

Overall, FlowUI is an excellent tool for QA professionals who want to streamline their testing processes

What are FlowUI features and benefits?

- All-in-one app for iOS UI Automation testing
- 100% blackbox design, no developer coding experience required
- No additional setup or libraries needed to begin testing
- Graphical IDE similar to KIF framework
- App inspection with intelligent built-in app inspection for easy tapping, typing, and asserting
- Instruction grouping for complex operations with hierarchical layout
- Groups of instructions can be saved and linked across multiple tests for easy updating
- Emulator/simulator paralleled testing for faster test runs
- Easy localization for instructions in any language supported by iOS
- Open-source potential for community enhancement requests

What is FlowUI pricing?

The pricing for FlowUI's Community Edition is $0.

Integrate FlowUI in Slack with Axolo

Integrating FlowUI in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows testers to easily access and run iOS UI Automation tests within Slack, making it easier for them to review code and identify any issues or bugs.

Learn more about FlowUI on the GitHub marketplace.

FlowUI GitHub integration screenshots

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Main screen

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Running tests

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