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What is Freshsales API Webtechnicom about?

Freshsales API Webtechnicom is a powerful tool that allows you to track your customers' behavior and interactions on your website and web app. With the help of the Python library, you can easily monitor your customers' activities and associate those data to the relevant record. This tool can access your account NETwork-Inc to verify your GitHub identity, manage your email addresses, Git SSH keys, and more.

By configuring events, you can stay updated on your customer's activities, such as when they adopt a new feature or register for your conference. You can even use events to automatically update a field, such as updating the deal associated with a contact during an online upgrade. With all this valuable information, you can set a score to find out which contacts are likely to turn and which customers are likely to churn.

Freshsales API Webtechnicom is an excellent tool for B2B SaaS companies that want to improve their customer engagement and retention rates. By tracking customer behavior, you can tailor your conversations and provide personalized solutions to their problems. Overall, Freshsales API Webtechnicom is an essential tool for any B2B SaaS company that wants to improve its customer experience and drive growth.

What are Freshsales API Webtechnicom features and benefits?

- Verify GitHub identity
- Access resources
- View and manage email addresses
- View and manage followed users
- View and manage public GPG keys
- View and manage interaction limits
- View and manage Git SSH keys
- View and manage starred repositories
- View and manage watched repositories
- Track customer behavior and interactions on website and web app
- Associate customer data to relevant record
- Configure events to track customer actions
- Automatically update fields based on customer actions
- Set a score to identify potential churn or conversion

What is Freshsales API Webtechnicom pricing?

The Freshsales API Library for Python by Webtechnicom is free of charge, priced at $0.

Integrate Freshsales API Webtechnicom in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Freshsales API Webtechnicom in Slack with Axolo can help engineers quickly identify and connect with potential customers or leads who have interacted with their code, allowing them to tailor their conversations and improve their chances of converting them into paying customers.

Learn more about Freshsales API Webtechnicom on the GitHub marketplace.

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