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What is GitDailies about?

GitDailies is a GitHub application that provides daily snapshots of commit and pull request activity. It enables engineers and managers to quickly see today's changes without being distracted by notifications. The Visualizer feature allows users to see how a push changes the codebase. Additionally, the Kudos peer recognition feature helps highlight great work and builds team morale.

GitDailies also offers highly customizable alerts for code changes and pull requests, allowing users to monitor important activity such as modified files or the creation of bugfix branches. By sending daily reports of pull request and commit activity, GitDailies helps keep teams aligned and promotes collaboration.

Daily pull request metrics provided by GitDailies allow users to spot trends, remove blockers, and encourage good habits. The application also allows users to monitor sensitive files, build custom alerts for pull requests, and receive Slack DMs if they are mentioned in a commit message. The GitDailies Expression Builder unlocks endless possibilities for customization.

Overall, GitDailies helps teams stay on top of their GitHub activity, reduce bugs, and promote collaboration while avoiding notification overload and creating a calm space for deep work.

What are GitDailies features and benefits?

- Daily snapshot of Commit and PR activity
- Visualizer to see how a Push changes the codebase
- Kudos peer recognition to highlight great work
- Highly customizable alerts for code changes and PRs
- Daily report of Pull Request and Commit activity
- Pull Request metrics to show where the team is spending time
- Give teammates Kudos to acknowledge great work
- Monitor sensitive files
- Build custom alerts for PRs
- Get a Slack DM if mentioned in a Commit message
- GitDailies Expression Builder unlocks endless possibilities
- Alerts can be sent immediately or in daily summary to avoid notification overload

What is GitDailies pricing?

GitDailies offers three pricing plans: Community, Pro, and Enterprise. The Community plan includes 3 repos and 7 days history and is free. The Pro plan includes 20 repos, 3 months history, and unlimited users for $39 per month. The Enterprise plan includes 100 repos, 18 months history, unlimited users, and the ability to export metrics and alerts data for $199 per month.

Integrate GitDailies in Slack with Axolo

Integrating GitDailies in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers and managers to quickly see daily changes while avoiding distracting notifications. It also helps keep the team aligned, provides daily pull request metrics, promotes teamwork through peer recognition, and allows for monitoring of important changes without causing notification overload.

Learn more about GitDailies on the GitHub marketplace.

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See what code was pushed, which PRs were opened / closed / merged, and get PR Metrics

See what code was pushed, which PRs were opened / closed / merged, and get PR Metrics

Have faster and easier standups. Get an overview of what really happened in your repos today.
Pull Request metrics help you understand where you can improve your dev process
Make highly customized alerts with the alert builder. Connect GitDailies to Slack, Telegram or Email.

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