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What is GitGuardian about?

GitGuardian is a GitHub application that offers the ultimate security layer for developers. It is designed to detect hardcoded secrets in repositories and provide prevention and remediation solutions. With GitGuardian, you can scan your codebase for over 350 types of secrets, including critical ones such as API keys and other credentials. The detection algorithm has been battle-tested over three years of activity in all public GitHub repositories, ensuring that you only receive alerts for the most important security threats.

In the event of a leak involving a credential, GitGuardian provides an easy remediation guide that has been used by over 100,000 developers each year. The guide will show you how to revoke the secret and remove it from your git history. Additionally, GitGuardian offers an overview of your security posture, providing a health status for every repository and reports in your dashboard.

If you experience any difficulties or have any questions, GitGuardian offers support via email at With GitGuardian, you can ensure the security of your codebase and prevent any potential security breaches.

What are GitGuardian features and benefits?

List of GitGuardian application features:

1. Scans codebase for 350+ types of secrets
2. Raises alerts for critical secrets such as API keys or other credentials
3. Detection algorithm has been battle-tested on over three years of activity in all public GitHub repositories
4. Provides a complete remediation guide used by 100k+ developers each year
5. Shows how to revoke the secret and remove it from git history
6. Provides an overview of security posture for every repository
7. Offers reports in GitGuardian dashboard
8. Provides email support for any difficulties or questions.

What is GitGuardian pricing?

Free monitoring on public repositories $0.

Integrate GitGuardian in Slack with Axolo

Integrating GitGuardian in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it adds an extra layer of security to the code review process by scanning the codebase for hardcoded secrets and providing remediation guidance if a leak occurs. It also provides an overview of the security posture of the repositories, allowing for better monitoring and management of potential security risks.

Learn more about GitGuardian on the GitHub marketplace.

GitGuardian GitHub integration screenshots

GitGuardian dashboard

GitGuardian dashboard

Checks in pull requests
Secret incident
Perimeter overview

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