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What is GitHint Bot about?

GitHint Bot is a GitHub application that helps ensure that your pull requests adhere to specific conventions. While tools like ESLint or Hound CI can check for some conventions, there are others that may be more arbitrary or practical that can't be easily checked. GitHint Bot is designed to check for these types of conventions. It fetches metadata about pull requests, commits, branches, and trees, and passes this information to user-defined scripts for evaluation. These scripts are expected to return a true or false value to determine if a pull request meets the required conventions and is ready to be merged.

With GitHint Bot, you can define specific conventions for your pull requests, such as requiring a certain number of review comments or ensuring that the user's first name is not more than six characters long. This ensures that all pull requests follow the same guidelines, making it easier to maintain code quality and consistency across your projects. By automating these checks, GitHint Bot saves time and reduces the risk of human error. Overall, GitHint Bot is an essential tool for any team looking to streamline their pull request process and improve their code quality.

What are GitHint Bot features and benefits?

List of GitHint Bot features:
1. Ensures that pull requests follow specified conventions
2. Checks conventions that may not be easily checked with tools like ESLint or Hound CI
3. Can check arbitrary conventions like the length of a user's first name
4. Can check practical conventions like the number of review comments on a pull request
5. Fetches metadata about pull requests, commits, branches, and trees
6. Passes metadata to user-defined scripts for evaluation
7. User-defined scripts are expected to return true or false to determine if a pull request is ready to be merged.

What is GitHint Bot pricing?

Freemium pricing model: GitHint Bot offers a free version of its GitHub application, with limited features and functionality. Users can install GitHint for free and use it without any cost. However, to access advanced features and capabilities, users must upgrade to a paid version.

Integrate GitHint Bot in Slack with Axolo

Integrating GitHint Bot with Axolo helps ensure that pull requests are not only reviewed quickly but also meet specified conventions and are ready to be merged.

Learn more about GitHint Bot on the GitHub marketplace.

GitHint Bot GitHub integration screenshots

The .githint.json file

The .githint.json file

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