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What is GitLocalize about?

GitLocalize is a powerful continuous localization tool that simplifies the translation workflow for teams and communities. It is designed to help translate content with ease by automatically syncing translations with your repository. With GitLocalize, you can easily keep translations up to date by tracking changes in your repository and pulling them into the project. Translated files are synced back to the repo via a pull request, ensuring that everyone is working with the most recent version of the translated content.

GitLocalize also offers parsing and segmentation features that allow you to easily see what needs to be translated. It will parse your files into trackable text segments, making it easy to identify what needs to be translated and what has already been translated.

The service also promotes teamwork by engaging your team and community in the translation process. You can assign language moderators, send content for review, and discuss changes, just like you would on GitHub. With GitLocalize, you can streamline your translation process and ensure that your content is accurately translated and up to date.

What are GitLocalize features and benefits?

- Sync with Repository
- Parsing and Segmentation
- Teamwork

What is GitLocalize pricing?

The pricing for GitLocalize is free for individuals, teams, and communities, for both public and private projects, with a cost of $0.

Integrate GitLocalize in Slack with Axolo

Integrating GitLocalize in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it simplifies the translation workflow by automatically syncing translations with the repository and allowing for easy collaboration and discussion among team members, making it easier to keep translations up to date and ensure accurate translations.

Learn more about GitLocalize on the GitHub marketplace.

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Translation editor

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