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What is GitMails about?

GitMails is a GitHub application designed to help organization owners keep track of potential hazardous activities on their GitHub organization. As an organization grows, it can become difficult to maintain a clear view of all GitHub events, and repositories may accidentally be deleted or made public. GitMails provides a solution to this problem by monitoring critical GitHub events and sending email notifications to the organization owner when such an event has been triggered. This allows the owner to act quickly and prevent any potential damage from occurring.

GitMails is currently in BETA and is available for free to both public and private GitHub organizations. GitHub Organizations is the central hub for source code, packages, CI/CD, and developers, and GitMails helps ensure the security and integrity of these assets. With GitMails, organization owners can have peace of mind knowing that they will be alerted of any potentially hazardous events on their GitHub organization, allowing them to take swift action and prevent any negative impact.

What are GitMails features and benefits?

List of GitMails features:
1. Sends notification emails to organization owners when critical github events occur.
2. Helps keep track of potential hazardous activities on organizations.
3. Currently in BETA.
4. Free for both public and private github organizations.
5. Monitors repositories for accidental deletion or public access.
6. Provides a clear view of all github events.
7. Alerts org owner to potential issues so they can act upon them.

What is GitMails pricing?

The current pricing for GitMail is $0 for both public and private GitHub organizations during the beta period.

Integrate GitMails in Slack with Axolo

Integrating GitMails in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to receive real-time notifications and act on potential hazardous events without having to constantly check their email. With Axolo, engineers can quickly review code and address any issues that may arise, while GitMails ensures that critical events are not missed.

Learn more about GitMails on the GitHub marketplace.

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