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What is GitPermit about?

GitPermit is a powerful GitHub application that allows users to grant read access to any subfolder or individual file within a repository. This functionality is essential for managing collaboration with external parties such as subcontractors or freelancers, providing greater flexibility and control over who can access specific portions of the source code. Unlike traditional submodules, GitPermit keeps the original repository completely intact, eliminating the need for additional updates and reducing the potential for errors. With GitPermit, users can easily manage access permissions for their repositories, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure while still allowing external collaborators to contribute to the project. Whether you're working on a large-scale software development project or simply need to collaborate with external teams, GitPermit is the ideal solution for managing access to your GitHub repositories.

What are GitPermit features and benefits?

- Git read permissions for subfolders
- Ability to grant read access to any subfolder or single file
- Essential for managing collaboration with subcontractors, freelancers, or external commands
- Keeps original repository completely intact
- Provides greater flexibility granting access to an exact portion of the source code
- No additional hustle with submodule updates

What is GitPermit pricing?

$0 - Free plan for a single repository.

Integrate GitPermit in Slack with Axolo

Integrating GitPermit in Slack with Axolo allows for better collaboration and code review by providing read access to specific subfolders or files. This is essential when working with external teams such as subcontractors or freelancers. It also keeps the original repository intact and eliminates the need for submodule updates.

Learn more about GitPermit on the GitHub marketplace.

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