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What is GraphQL Hive about?

GraphQL Hive is a powerful GitHub application that offers a complete set of tools to manage and monitor your GraphQL architecture. From standalone APIs to composed schemas, such as Federation and Stitching, Hive provides visibility at all stages of your GraphQL development process.

One of the key features of GraphQL Hive is the Schema Registry Hive, which offers three useful functions. Firstly, it warns you about breaking changes by running a set of checks for every new version of the schema committed in a Pull Request or published. Hive notifies your team via Slack, GitHub, or within the Hive application. Secondly, it provides access to the full history of changes, even on complex composed schemas. And thirdly, it supercharges your GraphQL development workflow by offering a high-availability and multi-zone CDN service based on Cloudflare.

In addition to these features, GraphQL Hive also provides monitoring capabilities that give you a global overview of the usage of your GraphQL API. This includes error rates and repartition, global and query performances (latency, RPM), operation count, and active GraphQL clients.

Overall, GraphQL Hive is an essential tool for any team working with GraphQL architecture, providing valuable insights into the development process and ensuring the smooth functioning of your GraphQL API.

What are GraphQL Hive features and benefits?

- Get warned about breaking changes
- Access the history of changes
- Supercharge your GraphQL development workflow
- Monitoring of error rates and repartition
- Monitoring of global and queries performances (latency, RPM…)
- Monitoring of operations count
- Monitoring of active GraphQL clients

What is GraphQL Hive pricing?

The pricing for GraphQL Hive's Hobby plan is $0 and includes everything except for some limitations.

Integrate GraphQL Hive in Slack with Axolo

Integrating GraphQL Hive in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows developers to get warned about any potential breaking changes in their GraphQL API, access the history of changes, and monitor the usage of their GraphQL API, all within the Slack platform. This streamlines the development workflow and helps teams to stay on top of any issues or changes in their GraphQL architecture.

Learn more about GraphQL Hive on the GitHub marketplace.

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