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What is GraphQL Inspector about?

GraphQL Inspector is a powerful set of tools designed to help businesses maintain and improve their GraphQL APIs and consumers. The tool outputs a comprehensive list of changes between two GraphQL schemas, with each change clearly marked as breaking, non-breaking, or dangerous. This allows businesses to easily validate documents and fragments against a schema and identify similar or duplicated types, ensuring that their GraphQL API is always up-to-date and functioning correctly.

One of the key features of GraphQL Inspector is its ability to provide schema change notifications on Slack, Discord, or via Webhook. This means that businesses can quickly and easily receive alerts about any changes to their schema, allowing them to respond to issues and maintain the integrity of their GraphQL API.

In addition, GraphQL Inspector also offers schema coverage based on documents, as well as a GraphQL server with faked data and GraphQL Playground. With a CLI and programmatic API, businesses can use GraphQL Inspector in any way they see fit, even building tools on top of the platform to meet their specific needs. Overall, GraphQL Inspector is an essential tool for businesses looking to maintain and improve their GraphQL APIs and consumers.

What are GraphQL Inspector features and benefits?

- Validates schema
- Schema change notifications on Slack, Discord or Webhook
- Finds breaking or dangerous changes
- Validates documents against a schema
- Finds similar / duplicated types
- Schema coverage based on documents
- Serves a GraphQL server with faked data and GraphQL Playground
- Github Application
- Github Actions
- Programatic API

What is GraphQL Inspector pricing?

Regular pricing for GraphQL Inspector is free, with all features available at no cost.

Integrate GraphQL Inspector in Slack with Axolo

Integrating GraphQL Inspector in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to receive notifications about changes in schema, validate documents and fragments against a schema, and find similar or duplicated types, all within the Slack platform. This integration can help streamline the code review process and improve the overall maintenance and improvement of GraphQL APIs and consumers.

Learn more about GraphQL Inspector on the GitHub marketplace.

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