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What is GuardRails about?

GuardRails is a powerful GitHub application that offers seamless and automated security scanning for new code changes in your repositories. It provides comprehensive support for static code analysis and vulnerable dependencies checks for over 20 programming languages. With GuardRails, you can easily detect security issues and vulnerabilities in your code, ensuring that your application is always secure and protected from potential threats.

GuardRails is designed to work out of the box, making it easy to use for developers of all skill levels. It requires no configuration, and you can start using it right away. GuardRails also offers customizable options for a more personalized experience. You can integrate it with Slack to receive notifications and alerts in real-time, ensuring that you are always up-to-date with the latest security issues.

GuardRails also offers a secrets detection engine that helps prevent secrets leakage, ensuring that your sensitive information is always secure. With GuardRails, you can rest assured that your code is always secure and protected from potential threats.

What are GuardRails features and benefits?

List of GuardRails application features:

1. Scans new code changes in repositories
2. Posts comments for security issue detection in pull requests
3. Provides reports for branches in dashboard
4. Supports static code analysis and/or vulnerable dependencies checks for 20+ programming languages
5. Prevents secrets leakage with secrets detection engines
6. Works out of the box with no configuration required
7. Offers custom configuration options
8. Integrates with Slack for notifications.

What is GuardRails pricing?

GuardRails offers a Free Plan for teams that are just getting started. Paid plans and trials are available in the GuardRails dashboard. The Free Plan costs $0.

Integrate GuardRails in Slack with Axolo

Integrating GuardRails in Slack with Axolo can help engineers review code faster by providing real-time security notifications and alerts within the same platform they use for code review.

Learn more about GuardRails on the GitHub marketplace.

GuardRails GitHub integration screenshots

GuardRails shows security issues in your PR.

GuardRails shows security issues in your PR.

Access all your vulnerabilities and get valuable insights in the your dashboard.
Get GuardRails vulnerability alerts right in your Slack channels.

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