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What is Hound about?

Hound is a GitHub application that helps maintain consistent coding style and high code quality by reviewing your code and commenting directly in Pull Requests. It integrates with your existing workflow by reviewing changes and commenting the moment a Pull Request is created or updated. With automated reviews, developers can focus on the kind of code review that humans are best at giving. Hound's default settings build upon accepted industry standards and are the result of years of utilization in software projects at thoughtbot. However, if you have your own style guide or need to modify the default, Hound provides the ability to customize reviews to best suit your team's needs.

Having a clean codebase is important, as it reflects a cohesive team working towards a common goal, rather than individual developers working independently. Hound helps achieve this by ensuring that code is consistent and of high quality, which ultimately leads to a better product. With Hound, your team can spend less time on manual code reviews and more time on developing great software.

What are Hound features and benefits?

- Automated code reviews
- Comments directly in Pull Requests
- Maintains consistent coding style
- High code quality
- Integrates with existing workflow
- Reviews changes and comments in real-time
- Customizable reviews to suit team's needs
- Builds upon accepted industry standards
- Clean codebase reflects cohesive team.

What is Hound pricing?

Hound's pricing includes Open Source (Free for public projects), Chihuahua (Free Trial Up to 4 private projects for $49/month), and Octodog (Up to 20 private projects for $149/month).

Integrate Hound in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Hound in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for automated code reviews and consistent coding style, leading to high code quality and a cohesive team.

Learn more about Hound on the GitHub marketplace.

Hound GitHub integration screenshots

When your team creates a Pull Request, Hound works quickly to review the changes and makes line-by-line suggestions.

When your team creates a Pull Request, Hound works quickly to review the changes and makes line-by-line suggestions.

Hound lets your team know when it's done by updating the Pull Request status, hopefully giving you good news.

They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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