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What is IAM Security Monitoring about?

IAM Security Monitoring is a powerful GitHub application offered by Cloudanix that ensures the security of your GitHub accounts and repositories. It provides an industry-recommended list of best practices and validates your account against it, allowing you to configure and customize these rules to fit your team or organization's needs. With IAM Security Monitoring, you can monitor your account for excessive number of owners, default permissions, MFA requirements, and more. You can also view drift and historical data on your account, giving you complete visibility into any changes made. The application also offers a visually appealing dashboard that provides a great user experience. IAM Security Monitoring is an essential tool for developers and ops professionals who want to secure their source code as effectively as any other cloud workload. With this application, you can rest assured that your GitHub accounts and repositories are protected against potential threats.

What are IAM Security Monitoring features and benefits?

- IAM Security Monitoring for Github accounts
- List of industry-recommended best practices
- Customizable rules configuration
- Great visualizing UX in form of a Dashboard
- Viewing Drift or Historical data on your account
- Two Factor Authentication check
- User Email should be Private check
- Excessive number of owners check
- Org Default Permissions check
- Org MFA required check
- Org Plan Limit Members check
- MFA required Outside Collaborator check
- Excessive number of Repo admins check
- Outside Collaborator As Admin check
- Repo Deployment Keys Rotated check
- GPG Keys rotations check

What is IAM Security Monitoring pricing?

The pricing for IAM Security Monitoring's Developer Plan is $0.

Integrate IAM Security Monitoring in Slack with Axolo

Integrating IAM Security Monitoring in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for real-time security monitoring of Github accounts and repositories. This integration ensures that source code is secure by validating against industry-recommended best practices and providing a dashboard for visualization. Additionally, users can view historical data on their accounts and customize rules to fit their team/organization's needs.

Learn more about IAM Security Monitoring on the GitHub marketplace.

IAM Security Monitoring GitHub integration screenshots

Your Dashboard gives you quick and rich overview of security posture of your account and repositories.

Your Dashboard gives you quick and rich overview of security posture of your account and repositories.

Details of Rules which can be analyzed by your security and ops teams
Completely customizable. You can ensure that there is no noise or false alarms for your repositories.
Setup frequency of scanning as per your requirement.

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