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What is Jit Security about?

The only open DevSecOps Orchestration Platform

What are Jit Security features and benefits?

List of Jit Security Application Features:

1. Single-pane-of-glass for all AppSec & DevSecOps tooling
2. Fast & simple rollout for 100% coverage of all resources
3. Unified platform for entire DevSecOps toolchain
4. Full AppSec coverage in minutes
5. Native developer experience and fix 1st mindset
6. In-PR feedback loop with vulnerability location, severity, context & auto-remediation
7. Full visibility and track DevSecOps performance
8. DevSecOps Performance dashboard and insights.

What is Jit Security pricing?

The pricing for Jit Security's Starter plan is $0.

Integrate Jit Security in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Jit Security in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it provides a unified platform for DevSecOps toolchain, enabling developers to quickly select the security controls they'd like to integrate into their stack, and assets such as repos, cloud, and API. It also offers a native developer experience and auto-remediation capabilities, which can help maintain or even increase dev-velocity. Additionally, Jit Security provides full visibility and tracking of DevSecOps performance, allowing teams to understand their overall security posture and identify actionable items to follow.

Learn more about Jit Security on the GitHub marketplace.

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Native and Unified Developer Experience

Native and Unified Developer Experience

Extensible Security Plan As-Code
Actionable Aggregated Pull Requests View
Continuous Security Pipelines

They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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