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What is LGTM about?

LGTM is a powerful code analysis platform designed to help developers identify and prevent vulnerabilities in their codebase before they reach production. With 1600+ standard analyses contributed by researchers from the Semmle Security Research Team and its customer community, including Microsoft, Google, Uber, and Mozilla, LGTM can automatically run custom QL queries to find variants of known issues and prevent them from being reintroduced into the codebase.

The platform's automatic code review for pull requests notifies developers of new and fixed alerts, enabling them to detect critical problems early and fix them before they're merged. LGTM's prioritized alert overview allows developers to view alerts for the latest commit of their project, smartly prioritized based on the project history and alert severity. Extensive filters also enable developers to focus on the results that are most important to them.

LGTM's customizable alerts feature allows developers to write their own queries to find and prevent mistakes or issues specific to their codebase. Additionally, developers can compare the code quality of similar projects and share project grades using badges in repository README files. LGTM also provides historical analysis, enabling developers to see how their alerts have changed over time.

Overall, LGTM is a comprehensive code analysis platform that helps developers ensure the security and quality of

What are LGTM features and benefits?

- Continuous security analysis with 1600+ standard analyses
- Custom QL queries for finding variants of known issues
- Automatic code review for pull requests
- Prioritized alert overview based on project history and alert severity
- Extensive filters for focusing on important results
- Customizable alerts using deep semantic code search
- Project comparison for code quality analysis
- Historical analysis of alerts over time

What is LGTM pricing?

The pricing for LGTM for open source projects and public repositories is free, with a cost of $0.

Integrate LGTM in Slack with Axolo

Integrating LGTM in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to quickly identify vulnerabilities and prevent them from reaching production by automatically running standard analyses and detecting critical problems early through automatic code review for pull requests. The prioritized alert overview and extensive filters also help engineers focus on the most important results. Additionally, the customizable alerts using deep semantic code search and historical analysis features allow engineers to compare projects and improve code quality over time.

Learn more about LGTM on the GitHub marketplace.

LGTM GitHub integration screenshots

Pull Request Integration: Enable automatic code review to catch problems before they get merged.

Pull Request Integration: Enable automatic code review to catch problems before they get merged.

Project alert overview for latest commit, smartly prioritized or grouped by query.
Use Semmle QL (the engine behind LGTM) to write your own queries right from the browser to find coding mistakes or issues that matter to you.
Compare projects, and share project gradings and alert counts on READMEs using badges.

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