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What is Label Bot about?

Label Bot is a GitHub application that helps teams by automatically categorizing Pull Requests (PRs) by size and kind using AI. With Label Bot, contributors can create better PRs as the bot nudges them to do so. The service classifies PRs into six different sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL, and three different kinds: feature, bug, and documentation. As the PR is modified, the bot automatically updates the labels to reflect the changes made. Additionally, Label Bot hides previous comments as new ones are added, making it easier for teams to keep track of the most recent updates. Label Bot is designed to skip PRs created by bot accounts, ensuring that only human-generated PRs are labeled. By using Label Bot, teams can extend their workflow by creating new labels based on the ones generated by the bot. Overall, Label Bot is a useful tool for teams looking to streamline their PR categorization process and improve their workflow.

What are Label Bot features and benefits?

- Automatic categorization of PRs by kind and size
- Nudges contributors to create better PRs
- Creates size and kind labels using AI
- Size labels: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
- Kind labels: feature, bug, documentation
- Updates labels as PR is modified
- Hides previous comments as new ones are added
- Skips PRs created by bot accounts

What is Label Bot pricing?

Label Bot's pricing is Open Source and Free for public projects, with a cost of $0.

Integrate Label Bot in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Label Bot in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it automatically categorizes pull requests by kind and size using AI, which helps in reviewing code faster and inviting the right person for the code review. It also nudges contributors to create better pull requests and extends the workflow using new labels.

Learn more about Label Bot on the GitHub marketplace.

Label Bot GitHub integration screenshots

Label Bot updating PR

Label Bot updating PR

They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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