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What is Lazy Hand about?

Lazy Hand is a GitHub application that offers several features to streamline the pull request process. With Lazy Hand, users can enjoy automatic assignment of reviewers and assignees, as well as the ability to prevent merging with the "Do Not Merge" feature. The application also offers automatic branch deletion and Slack posting for added convenience.

One of the standout features of Lazy Hand is its ability to configure reviewers using fixed and floating categories. Fixed reviewers are always added to all pull requests, while floating reviewers can be assigned a weightage point to increase their chances of being assigned. This allows for a more efficient and fair distribution of review assignments.

Additionally, the "Do Not Merge" feature allows users to add a tag to pull requests that prevents them from being merged without stopping or stalling the existing review process. The Slack support feature also allows for easy communication and updates on new pull requests.

Best of all, Lazy Hand is completely free for lifetime use, making it an essential tool for any GitHub user looking to streamline their pull request process.

What are Lazy Hand features and benefits?

- Auto assignment of Reviewers (weighted assignment)
- Do Not Merge
- Auto Branch deletion
- Auto assignment of Assignee
- Slack posting
- Free for lifetime!

What is Lazy Hand pricing?

Free for every repository.

Integrate Lazy Hand in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Lazy Hand in Slack with Axolo would be beneficial because it would automate the assignment of reviewers and assignees, prevent accidental merges with the Do Not Merge feature, and allow for easy communication and updates through Slack posting. Additionally, it is a free tool for lifetime use.

Learn more about Lazy Hand on the GitHub marketplace.

Lazy Hand GitHub integration screenshots

Auto assignment of the reviewers

Auto assignment of the reviewers

Auto Branch deletion after merge

They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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