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What is Lilt Github App about?

The Lilt GitHub App is a service that allows users to easily send content from their GitHub repositories for translation, saving them time and effort. With just one click, users can send their content to Lilt for translation and receive the translated content back into GitHub for publishing. The app offers a dual translation approach, allowing users to choose between Verified Translation, which involves human linguists translating the content, and Instant Translation, which provides a machine-translated version of the content within seconds. This dual approach ensures that users can choose the translation method that best suits their needs.

The Lilt GitHub App also offers a range of key features, including the ability to choose your preferred translation method, send files to Lilt automatically for localization, apply translation memories for each locale, select specific branches for localization, and receive completed translations directly in your GitHub instance. This makes it easy for users to localize their content for any language, right from within GitHub. Overall, the Lilt GitHub App is a powerful tool that streamlines the translation process and makes it easy for users to manage their localization efforts.

What are Lilt Github App features and benefits?

List of Lilt GitHub App features:
1. One-click translation sending to Lilt
2. Dual translation approach: Verified Translation and Instant Translation
3. Instant Translation for rapid localization with machine translation
4. Verified Translation for highest quality with human linguists
5. Localizing content for any language within GitHub
6. Applying translation memories for each locale
7. Selection of specific branches for localization
8. Receiving completed translations directly in GitHub instance.

What is Lilt Github App pricing?

The pricing for Lilt Github App is free, with a $0 cost for integration to connect with the Lilt Platform.

Integrate Lilt Github App in Slack with Axolo

Integrating the Lilt Github App in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to easily send content for translation to Lilt without leaving their workflow in GitHub and Slack, saving them time and effort. This integration also offers a dual translation approach, allowing users to choose between instant machine translation or verified human translation for the highest quality localized content.

Learn more about Lilt Github App on the GitHub marketplace.

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