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What is Localazy about?

Localazy is a powerful localization platform designed to help developers and other users manage translations with ease. With over 4 billion people online behind language barriers, Localazy makes it easy to speak everyone's language by providing full and simple control over localization and translation management. The platform is built with developers in mind and is user-friendly for all other users. Localazy offers powerful localization features that make it easy to manage translations, including pluralization, key detection, and multi-language and CLI tools for local management and CI/CD. By integrating Localazy with Github Actions, developers can forget about all the hassle and never touch localizable files again. Localazy is a popular choice for many, including Alexandre PHILIBEAUX, Engineering Manager at Scaleway, who uses the platform to set up a friendly environment for his team and translation team. The first iteration of Localazy was easy to set up, and Alexandre was impressed with the quick responses from the core team for feature requests. Overall, Localazy is an excellent tool for anyone looking to handle translations with ease.

What are Localazy features and benefits?

- Localize digital products
- Simple control over localization and translation management
- Localization platform for developers
- Powerful localization features
- Integration with Github Actions
- Forget about localizable files
- Tutorial on how to localize your app with Localazy and Github Actions
- Pluralization and key detection
- Multi-language and CLI tools for local management and CI-CD
- Good communication with the core team
- Quick responses to feature requests

What is Localazy pricing?

Localazy's pricing for its core localization features is free of cost with no monthly fees.

Integrate Localazy in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Localazy in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows developers to manage translations and enjoy powerful localization features directly within Slack. This integration simplifies the process of localization and translation management, making it easier for developers to communicate and collaborate on code review while ensuring that their digital products are accessible to a wider audience.

Learn more about Localazy on the GitHub marketplace.

Localazy GitHub integration screenshots

Choose your integration. You are in a good company.

Choose your integration. You are in a good company.

Instant translations for your app.
CLI comes handy.
Github Actions sample repo available.

They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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