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What is Mergify about?

Mergify is a powerful GitHub application that automates and optimizes your code merge processes, making your code merge faster, safer, and cheaper. The solution offers two main features: The Merge Queue and Workflow Automation, which work together to help you save time, money, and improve your developer experience.

The Merge Queue automates your pull requests management by sorting and queuing them. It updates and tests all your PRs before merging, improving your merge frequency and securing your code. The feature includes speculative checks, batches, queue freeze, multiple queues, and priority management.

The Workflow Automation is an all-in-one tool that combines unique features. The automation follows your rules, reduces friction, and improves your developer velocity. It includes automation, unlimited rules, time-based conditions, custom checks, and backports.

To get started, define your rules, enable Mergify, and watch it merge. Mergify is fully integrated into GitHub and works with all CI tools, with no integration needed. The solution is SOC 2, SSO, and Audit Log compliant, making it a secure choice for your code merge processes.

Mergify has a growing user base, and you can discover other users' workflows through their case studies. With Mergify, you can save

What are Mergify features and benefits?

Main Features:
1. Merge Queue
2. Speculative checks
3. Batches
4. Queue Freeze
5. Multiple Queues
6. Priority Management
7. Workflow Automation
8. Automation
9. Unlimited rules
10. Time-based conditions
11. Custom checks
12. Backports

How it works:
1. Define your rules
2. Enable Mergify
3. Watch it merges

Getting started & Documentation:
1. SOC 2
2. SSO
3. Audit Log
4. GitHub Enterprise
5. Fully integrated into GitHub
6. Works with all CI tools - no integration needed

Users and Case Studies:
1. Discover other users' workflows through our case studies.

What is Mergify pricing?

Open Source: $0
Essential: $10 per user/month
Premium: $18 per user/month

Integrate Mergify in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Mergify in Slack with Axolo can help engineers manage their code merge processes more efficiently by automating pull request management, reducing friction, and improving developer velocity.

Learn more about Mergify on the GitHub marketplace.

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Enable Mergify merge queue rule
Watch it merge - merge queue
Enable Mergify automatic merge

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