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What is Motionlink about?

Motionlink is a powerful tool that allows teams to easily convert their Notion pages into static websites. Unlike other Notion-as-a-CMS tools, Motionlink gives complete control to the team over how their website should look, where and how it should be hosted, and which tech stack should be used. This is made possible through the use of Github workflows. Motionlink watches a Notion database and triggers a Github Workflow in the linked repository to fetch the new database state, rebuild, and redeploy the website whenever the database is modified. This means that developers can build and deploy their website in any way they choose.

Motionlink is incredibly easy to use - simply link a Notion database to a Github repository, write your config and workflow files, and you're ready to go. Motionlink also allows teams to build for high traffic, using any static site generator and serving their website with any hosting service. The tool is powered by Notion, meaning teams can publish directly from Notion, making the process of creating and publishing a website more streamlined and efficient. Overall, Motionlink is a game-changing tool for teams looking to take control of their website development process and create a website that meets their exact specifications.

What are Motionlink features and benefits?

List of Motionlink features:

- Notion to static website publishing tool
- Replace markdown and data files with Notion pages
- Team can edit directly from Notion
- Complete control over website design, hosting, and tech stack
- Built on Github workflows
- Watches Notion database for modifications
- Triggers Github Workflow to fetch new database state, rebuild, and redeploy website
- Developer decides how to build and deploy website
- Easy to use
- Link Notion database to Github repository
- Write config and workflow files
- Build for high traffic
- Use any static site generator
- Serve website with any hosting service
- Powered by Notion
- Directly publish from Notion.

What is Motionlink pricing?

Motionlink's pricing is free for both open source and private projects, with a cost of $0.

Integrate Motionlink in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Motionlink in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to review code faster while also giving them complete control over how their website should look, where and how it should be hosted, and which tech stack should be used. This can lead to more efficient and effective collaboration between team members, resulting in faster and better code reviews and website development.

Learn more about Motionlink on the GitHub marketplace.

Motionlink GitHub integration screenshots

View created links in Console

View created links in Console

Create new link in Console
Example Github workflow that deploys to Netlify
A diagram of how Motionlink works

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