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What is My Acclaro Translations about?

My Acclaro Translations is a powerful B2B SaaS application that allows users to connect their GitHub accounts to their My Acclaro portal accounts. With this connection, users can submit their source content for human professional translation in over 100 languages. The My Acclaro Translation Connector for GitHub is a user-friendly tool that allows users to select source files for translation from their GitHub repositories, choose target languages, and submit an order that Acclaro professional translators can complete for them.

Once the translation is complete, the finished product will appear in the user's GitHub repositories through commits and pull requests. This feature ensures that the user can review the translation and make any necessary updates or revisions quickly. Additionally, if the user needs any translation updates, they can be made quickly by replacing older versions.

In summary, My Acclaro Translations is a valuable tool for businesses that need to translate their content into multiple languages. It is a powerful solution that streamlines the translation process and allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while leaving the translation to the professionals.

What are My Acclaro Translations features and benefits?

- Connects GitHub account to My Acclaro portal account
- Allows selection of source files for translation from GitHub repositories
- Supports translation in 100+ languages
- Enables selection of target languages
- Facilitates order submission for professional human translation by Acclaro translators
- Displays finished translations in GitHub repositories through commits and pull requests
- Enables quick updates with new translations replacing older versions.

What is My Acclaro Translations pricing?

The pricing for My Acclaro Translations with GitHub connectivity for Acclaro clients is complimentary and costs $0.

Integrate My Acclaro Translations in Slack with Axolo

Integrating My Acclaro Translations in Slack with Axolo can benefit engineers by allowing them to quickly and easily request translations for their code reviews, ensuring that their code is accessible to a wider audience in multiple languages.

Learn more about My Acclaro Translations on the GitHub marketplace.

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