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What is MyGet about?

MyGet is a cloud-based artifact and package repository provider that offers a range of hosted feeds for developers, open-source projects, and corporate development teams. With MyGet, users can create private or public artifact feeds, allowing them to upload packages from their build server, upstream package sources, or even package their code directly from GitHub.

MyGet's friction-free continuous integration and delivery system supports most dependency and package managers, including NuGet, NPM, Bower, Maven, PHP Composer, VSIX, Python PyPI, and RubyGems. Users can create feeds for their developers, clients, or the entire world, with secured access and the ability to work together using activity streams and RSS.

The platform also offers a range of features to support the development process, including the ability to audit dependencies used by an organization, support for versioning rules and package filters, and staged dependencies. Additionally, MyGet includes build services in all plans, making it easy for users to build, test, and package their code in a single place.

Overall, MyGet is a powerful tool for managing packages and artifacts in a cloud-based environment, offering a range of features that make it easy for developers and development teams to collaborate and streamline their workflows.

What are MyGet features and benefits?

- Hosted NuGet, npm, Bower, Maven, PHP Composer, VSIX, Python PyPI, and RubyGems feeds
- Private and public artifact feeds
- Uploading packages from build server or upstream package sources
- Building, testing, and packaging code on GitHub into NuGet, npm, or PHP Composer packages
- Continuous integration and delivery for most dependency and package managers
- Secured access to feeds
- Activity streams and RSS for collaboration
- Pushing symbol packages for smooth debugging experience
- Repos containing own libraries, artifacts, and third party packages
- Audit dependencies used by organization
- Versioning rules, package filters, and staged dependencies support for release process.

What is MyGet pricing?

Developer package: $15/month
Team package: $40/month

Integrate MyGet in Slack with Axolo

Integrating MyGet in Slack with Axolo can help developers easily access and manage their package repositories, allowing for more efficient code review and faster deployment.

Learn more about MyGet on the GitHub marketplace.

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