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What is Neatro Retrospectives about?

Neatro Retrospectives is a powerful GitHub application designed to provide teams with the best retrospective experience. With Neatro, teams can enjoy more than 25 ready-to-use retrospective ideas or create custom templates to suit their unique needs. The application elevates psychological safety levels by preventing groupthink and allowing people to share anonymously when needed.

Neatro features Team Radars that help teams check their pulse, identify strengths and weaknesses, and track progress in the long run through the Analytics section. The application also ensures that teams never lose sight of their action items by exporting them as issues in their GitHub repository.

The Neatro framework comprises four core retrospective steps that help teams maintain a strong focus and create a safe space to share their thoughts. The application also includes creative icebreakers and check-out activities that break the retrospective routine.

Neatro helps teams collectively build effective action items, export them to their GitHub repositories, and track their progress through a dedicated Kanban-styled Action items board. With Neatro, teams can observe trends, gain insights, and measure their progress in the long run, allowing them to watch their team grow.

What are Neatro Retrospectives features and benefits?

- 25+ ready-to-use retrospective ideas
- Custom templates creation
- Anonymous mode for sharing
- Team Radars for checking squad's pulse
- Analytics section for measuring progress
- Action items export as GitHub issues
- Neatro framework with 4 core retrospective steps
- Icebreakers and check-out activities
- Catalog of 25+ retrospective ideas
- Catalog of 25+ retrospective templates
- Kanban-styled Action items board for tracking progress
- Team Radar for identifying strengths and weaknesses
- Analytics section for observing trends and gaining insights

What is Neatro Retrospectives pricing?

The pricing for Neatro Retrospectives is a free trial for 30 days with unlimited features.

Integrate Neatro Retrospectives in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Neatro Retrospectives in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows teams to have a comprehensive code review process while also facilitating effective retrospectives.

Learn more about Neatro Retrospectives on the GitHub marketplace.

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