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What is Orwell app about?

Orwell is a GitHub application that provides a quick and easy way to monitor your team's workload on GitHub. With Orwell, you can quickly see how busy your team members are, identify who needs help, and who has too much on their plate. The application displays the number of issues, pulls, and reviews that are open for each team member, giving you a clear overview of their workload.

Orwell simplifies the process of toggling between viewing the number of issues, pull requests, and reviews assigned to each team member. It also separates the totals to show the most recent issues, pulls, and reviews, making it easier to focus on the most pressing tasks.

Overall, Orwell provides a straightforward solution for managing your team's workload on GitHub. By using this application, you can easily identify areas where your team needs support and make informed decisions about how to allocate resources effectively. Visit to learn more about how Orwell can help you manage your team's workload on GitHub.

What are Orwell app features and benefits?

List of Orwell App Features:
1. View workload of your entire team on Github
2. See how busy people are, who has too much on, and who needs help
3. See the number of issues, pulls and reviews open for each team member
4. Toggle between viewing the number of Issues, Pull Requests and Reviews assigned to members of your team
5. Focus on the fresh issues, pulls and reviews
6. Get an overview of Github Teams
7. Easily decide what you want to see
8. Find out more at

What is Orwell app pricing?

The pricing for Orwell app includes a free plan with free access to the application, which costs $0.

Integrate Orwell app in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Orwell app in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows users to quickly and easily view the workload of their entire team on Github, see who needs help, and toggle between viewing the number of Issues, Pull Requests, and Reviews assigned to team members. This integration can help streamline code review processes and improve team collaboration.

Learn more about Orwell app on the GitHub marketplace.

Orwell app GitHub integration screenshots

Orwell dashboard

Orwell dashboard

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