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What is Pandium about?

Pandium is a powerful B2B SaaS application that simplifies the process of creating, releasing, and managing app integrations. By connecting your Pandium environment to your GitHub repository, you can leverage the platform's CI/CD process to manage releases, update tenants, and even version your integrations.

Pandium takes care of the technical infrastructure and authentication of integrations, allowing you to focus solely on the ETL and business logic of your integrations. This means that you can code in whatever language you prefer, without worrying about the technical details of integration management.

With Pandium, you can manage all your integrations and tenants in one place, making it easy to release new versions, update tenants, and track installs and usage. The platform is designed for scale, so you can add a limitless number of integrations and end-users without any performance issues.

Pandium also provides repo scope access, which grants full access to private and public repositories, including read/write access to code, commit statuses, repository and organization projects, invitations, collaborators, adding team memberships, deployment statuses, and more. Overall, Pandium is a powerful tool for businesses looking to streamline their integration management process and improve their workflow.

What are Pandium features and benefits?

- Easy integration creation
- CI/CD process for easy release management
- Management of integrations and tenants in one place
- Ability to release new versions and update tenants
- Tracking of installs and usage
- Designed for scalability
- Authentication with repo scope access

What is Pandium pricing?

This pricing plan is free of charge.

Integrate Pandium in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Pandium in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it enables easy management and release of the app's integrations, including updating tenants to the newest versioning, all from within the Pandium platform. Additionally, Pandium takes care of the technical infrastructure and authentication of integrations, allowing developers to focus solely on the ETL and business logic of their integrations.

Learn more about Pandium on the GitHub marketplace.

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