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What is Papio Pipelines about?

Papio Pipelines is a fully managed Jenkins service that brings the power and flexibility of Jenkins directly to GitHub. With Papio Pipelines, users can take advantage of the most popular build server in the world and increase productivity by leveraging a simple UI, plugin ecosystem, configuration as code, and shared libraries. The service offers a free tier that includes four concurrent builds over two private build servers, making it an affordable option for small to medium-sized businesses.

One of the standout features of Papio Pipelines is its Blue Ocean Interface Pipelines, which includes the updated Blue Ocean interface for visualizing pipeline executions. This makes it easy for users to monitor and manage their build processes in real-time. Additionally, the service offers a plugin architecture, allowing users to extend functionality with ease. If there is a plugin that a user would like to take advantage of, they can reach out to the Papio Pipelines team for assistance.

Another key feature of Papio Pipelines is its Configuration as Code functionality, which allows users to write actual code in their build files when they need it. This eliminates confusing syntax and workarounds, empowering developers to do what they do best. Finally, the service offers Shared Libraries, which encapsulate build logic in code or take advantage of others'

What are Papio Pipelines features and benefits?

- Fully Managed Jenkins
- Simple UI
- Plugin Ecosystem
- Configuration as Code
- Free Tier
- Blue Ocean Interface
- Jenkins Ecosystem Plugins
- Jenkinsfile Advantage
- Shared Libraries
- Jenkins Project Links
- Pipelines Plugins Links
- Shared Libraries Links

What is Papio Pipelines pricing?

The pricing for Papio Pipelines is free, with the option to reach out for support if the free tier does not meet the user's needs. The cost is $0.

Integrate Papio Pipelines in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Papio Pipelines in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to review code faster and more efficiently by opening an ephemeral channel for each pull request and inviting the right person to act on the code review, while also taking advantage of the power and flexibility of Jenkins through Papio Pipelines' fully managed Jenkins, simple UI, plugin ecosystem, configuration as code, and shared libraries.

Learn more about Papio Pipelines on the GitHub marketplace.

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Visualize Pipelines

Visualize Pipelines

Quickly Diagnose Failures
Direct GitHub Integration

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