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What is Portacode about?

Portacode is a revolutionary B2B SaaS application designed to provide a professional online code editor for GitHub users. It is the first mobile-friendly code editor that allows users to access their code directly through a high-performance JavaScript-based code editor that is compatible with any device, including smartphones and tablets. With Portacode, users can enjoy a wide range of features, including syntax highlighting, auto-indentation, autocompletion, error detection, and many more, for pretty much all programming languages.

Portacode is designed with performance in mind, ensuring optimal performance on all kinds of devices, even on client devices with minimal computational resources and limited bandwidth. This makes it the perfect solution for developers who need to work on their code on the go.

Portacode is fully integrated with git's version control system, GitHub's powerful online code hosting, and postcode's online code editor. This means that users can easily manage their code and collaborate with other developers without the need to download, edit, and upload the code for each commit. With Portacode, users can edit their code online directly, making it a convenient and efficient way to manage and edit code.

What are Portacode features and benefits?

List of Portacode's Features:
1. Mobile-friendly professional online code editor for GitHub.
2. Supports syntax highlighting, auto-indentation, autocompletion, error detection for all programming languages.
3. High-performance JavaScript-based code editor.
4. Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and devices with minimal computational resources and limited bandwidth.
5. Integrated with git's version control system and GitHub's online free code hosting.
6. Edit code online directly without downloading, editing, and uploading for each commit.

What is Portacode pricing?

The pricing for Portacode's basic plan is $0.

Integrate Portacode in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Portacode in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to easily access and edit their code directly through Portacode's mobile-friendly online code editor, while also being able to quickly review and collaborate on code changes through Axolo's ephemeral channels in Slack.

Learn more about Portacode on the GitHub marketplace.

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