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What is Pull Request Attention about?

Pull Request Attention is a GitHub application that helps developer teams streamline their workflow by automating the process of assigning people responsible for reviewing pull requests. It eliminates the need to manually filter through pull requests, saving time and effort for developers and managers alike. The app analyzes the pull request events and updates the Assignees field accordingly, ensuring that the right people are notified and assigned to review the pull request. This allows developers to focus on the pull requests that require their attention, while managers can easily identify who is responsible for reviewing each pull request. Pull Request Attention is free for public projects, making it easy for teams to give it a try and see the benefits for themselves. Additionally, a browser extension is coming soon, which will further enhance the app's functionality and save even more time. Overall, Pull Request Attention is a valuable tool for any developer team looking to optimize their workflow and increase productivity.

What are Pull Request Attention features and benefits?

- Helps developer teams know who is responsible for looking at pull requests
- Automates the process of knowing which pull requests need attention
- Eliminates the need for maintaining a separate list
- Free for public projects
- Saves developers time by directing them to the pull requests they are assigned to
- Helps managers identify who is responsible for attending a pull request
- Analyzes PR events to update the Assignees field
- Adds and removes people from the Assignees field based on interaction with the PR
- Assignees field becomes the source for knowing who is responsible for attending a PR.

What is Pull Request Attention pricing?

The pricing for Pull Request Attention's automation workflow on public projects is $0. It is free.

Integrate Pull Request Attention in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Pull Request Attention with Axolo in Slack can help developer teams to review code faster by opening an ephemeral channel for each pull request and inviting the right person to act on the code review, avoiding wasting time by paying attention to every PR and discovering most of them don't require attention.

Learn more about Pull Request Attention on the GitHub marketplace.

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