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What is Pull Request Badge about?

Pull Request Badge is a powerful GitHub application that enables users to insert badges programmatically into their pull request descriptions and link them to anything. Once installed, the application receives a webhook event whenever a pull request is opened or edited. Based on the configuration file in the repository, badges that match certain criteria are automatically inserted at the beginning of the pull request description.

Originally designed to handle JIRA links, Pull Request Badge offers a simple and flexible API that can easily present any kind of information. For instance, users can add a preview badge with a link to a preview instance or indicate if the pull request is rather large. The $payload attribute provides more details, allowing users to get creative and customize their badges.

With Pull Request Badge, users can streamline their workflow and improve collaboration by providing relevant information upfront. This powerful tool can help teams stay organized and focused, reducing the time spent on manual tasks and increasing productivity. Whether you're a developer, project manager, or team lead, Pull Request Badge is an essential tool for any GitHub project.

What are Pull Request Badge features and benefits?

List of features for Pull Request Badge:

1. Programatically insert badges in pull request descriptions
2. Link badges to any URL or information
3. Receive webhook events for opened or edited pull requests
4. Configuration file to match criteria for badge insertion
5. Insert badges at the beginning of pull request description
6. API for presenting any kind of information
7. Preview badge with link to preview instance
8. Indicate if pull request is rather large
9. $payload attribute for more details
10. Flexible and customizable for creative use.

What is Pull Request Badge pricing?

The pricing for Pull Request Badge is free for public repositories and always remains at $0.

Integrate Pull Request Badge in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Pull Request Badge in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to quickly view important information about a pull request without having to leave the Slack channel. The badges can provide valuable context for the code review process, such as indicating if the pull request is a large one or providing a preview link. This integration can help streamline the code review process and improve collaboration among team members.

Learn more about Pull Request Badge on the GitHub marketplace.

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