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What is Pydantic Hooky about?

Pydantic Hooky is a productivity tool designed for popular open source repositories. It is a GitHub application that aims to streamline the code review process by responding to specific phrases in pull request comments. For instance, when a user types "please update," the tool requests an update from the pull request author, assigns the author to the task, and adds the "awaiting author revision" label to the pull request. Similarly, when a user types "please review," the tool requests a review from project reviewers, assigns the reviewers to the task, and adds the "ready for review" label to the pull request.

Pydantic Hooky also includes a "Change File Checks" tool that checks pull requests to ensure that a "change file" has been added. This tool performs several checks on the pull request, including verifying that a change file matching changes/ has been added, that the author in the change file matches the pull request author, and that the ID in the change file matches the pull request ID or that the issue is marked as closed in the pull request body.

Overall, Pydantic Hooky is a valuable tool for open source developers looking to optimize their workflow and ensure that their pull requests are reviewed efficiently and effectively.

What are Pydantic Hooky features and benefits?

- Label and Assign feature
- Magic phrase recognition in pull request comments
- "Please update" command assigns PR author and adds "awaiting author revision" label
- "Please review" command assigns project reviewers and adds "ready for review" label
- Change File Checks feature
- Enforces presence of "change file" in pull requests
- "Skip change file check" command skips this check
- Checks for specific format in change file name and content
- Matches author and ID information in change file with PR information.

What is Pydantic Hooky pricing?

The pricing for Pydantic Hooky is free, meaning it does not cost anything and no payment is required.

Integrate Pydantic Hooky in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Pydantic Hooky in Slack with Axolo can improve code review efficiency by automating certain tasks such as requesting updates from the PR author and assigning reviewers, as well as enforcing the addition of a "change file" to the pull request. This can help streamline the code review process and ensure that all necessary steps are taken before merging code changes.

Learn more about Pydantic Hooky on the GitHub marketplace.

Pydantic Hooky GitHub integration screenshots

Example Pull Request

Example Pull Request

They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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