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What is Releasy Semantic about?

Releasy Semantic is a powerful GitHub application that simplifies the process of Semantic Versioning for your software, application or library. This tool is designed to help developers create new releases with ease, making it a valuable asset for any team looking to streamline their development process.

With Releasy Semantic, you can easily view all your branches and existing releases in a Semantic context, rather than just chronological or alphabetical order. This makes it easier to understand the relationship between different versions of your software and helps you make more informed decisions about when to release new versions.

The intuitive UI of Releasy Semantic is easy to use and allows for shareable deep links, making it simple for any developer in your team to make releases often, easily and with precision. This tool supports both GitHub and GitLab, allowing you to use it with whichever platform you prefer.

Overall, Releasy Semantic is a must-have tool for any development team looking to simplify their release process and ensure that their software is always up-to-date and running smoothly.

What are Releasy Semantic features and benefits?

List of Releasy Semantic Features:
1. Semantic Versioning of software, application or library
2. Pedagogic display of branches and existing releases
3. One-click creation of new releases
4. Semantic context display of releases and branches
5. Intuitive UI with shareable deep links
6. Supports both GitHub and GitLab
7. Enables developers to make releases often, easily and with precision.

What is Releasy Semantic pricing?

Releasy Semantic's pricing: Free ($0)

Integrate Releasy Semantic in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Releasy Semantic in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows developers to easily create new releases and view existing ones in a Semantic context, making it easier to manage and review code changes. The intuitive UI and shareable deep links also allow for easy collaboration among team members, ensuring that releases are made often, easily and with precision.

Learn more about Releasy Semantic on the GitHub marketplace.

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GitHub and GitLab are supported

GitHub and GitLab are supported

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