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What is Renovate about?

Renovate is an open-source tool designed to automate dependency updates in GitHub applications. It scans repositories to detect dependencies and checks if there are any newer versions available. Renovate then creates pull requests for available updates, making it easier for developers to keep their projects up-to-date and reduce technical debt.

One of the key benefits of Renovate is that it uses crowdsourced merge confidence and package adoption data to identify whether an update can be safely merged or contains potential risks. This means developers can automate high confidence updates and set up auto-merging without human intervention, for updates that pass their tests and satisfy the auto-merge rules they define.

Renovate also allows developers to group and schedule updates to ensure they don't interrupt their existing workflows. This helps to avoid any potential build breaks and ensures that developers can apply urgent, zero-day security updates without risk.

Getting started with Renovate is easy. Developers simply need to install the app and select the repositories they would like to update. For each selected repo, an Onboarding PR will be created, and Renovate has robust defaults, so developers can get started as soon as they merge the Onboarding PR. Overall, Renovate is an essential tool for any developer looking to automate dependency

What are Renovate features and benefits?

List of Renovate Features:
1. Automatically creates pull requests for all types of dependency updates
2. Includes crowdsourced test and package adoption data to flag potentially risky updates
3. Enables auto-merging for updates that meet user-defined conditions
4. Scans repos to detect dependencies with wide package manager support
5. Raises PRs for available updates
6. Reduces technical debt through automated, proactive dependency updates
7. Keeps projects up-to-date with the latest versions
8. Avoids Zero Day vulnerability fire drills by keeping projects nimble
9. Crowdsourced merge confidence and package adoption data identify safe updates
10. Automates high confidence updates
11. Sets up auto-merging without human intervention for updates that pass tests and satisfy rules
12. Groups and schedules updates to avoid interrupting existing workflows
13. Easy installation and onboarding process with robust defaults.

What is Renovate pricing?

Renovate's pricing is $0 for unlimited private and public repositories per account.

Integrate Renovate in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Renovate in Slack with Axolo can help engineers stay up-to-date with the latest dependency updates and reduce technical debt. With Renovate's automated dependency update system, engineers can avoid falling behind on the latest versions and avoid zero-day vulnerability fire drills. By integrating Renovate with Axolo, engineers can receive notifications and updates on their code review channels, allowing them to easily review and merge updates without interrupting their existing workflows.

Learn more about Renovate on the GitHub marketplace.

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Receive a no-risk onboarding PR that tells you what will happen after you activate and lets you reconfigure to see an updated preview description

Receive a no-risk onboarding PR that tells you what will happen after you activate and lets you reconfigure to see an updated preview description

Automerge PRs after tests pass. You can configure this for just specific dependencies or update types (e.g. patches for dev dependencies)
Package release notes are automatically retrieved and embedded with each PR, so you can see what's changed

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