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What is Review Lens about?

Review Lens is a GitHub application that allows digital product teams to provide feedback on web apps and websites in a more efficient and effective way. With Review Lens, users can draw, annotate, and comment directly on top of a website's User Interface, and then instantly post their feedback to a pull request or issue. This service supports all kinds of web projects, including websites, web applications, and SPAs, and everything can be done within the browser, without the need for external tools or image editor software.

Review Lens is designed to help teams release, iterate, and build faster by providing a quick and easy way to post annotated feedback directly to pull requests or issues. It is the missing tool in software development, allowing users to post feedback for new UI concepts and designs, as well as for features in development or bugs in production.

By using Review Lens, teams can improve communication and collaboration by being more clear, descriptive, and concise with visual feedback. They can explain exactly what they need to say with annotations more efficiently and effectively. In summary, Review Lens is a valuable tool for digital product teams looking to streamline their feedback process and improve their overall development workflow.

What are Review Lens features and benefits?

- Draw, annotate and comment directly on-top of your web app or website's User Interface
- Instantly post feedback to a pull request or issue
- Provides quick UI feedback
- Supports all types of web projects
- No external tools or image editor software required
- Post feedback for new UI concepts and designs
- Post feedback for features in development
- Post feedback for features or bugs in production
- Improves communication and collaboration
- Allows for clear, descriptive and concise visual feedback
- Annotations make feedback more efficient and effective

What is Review Lens pricing?

Review Lens's pricing is free and includes unlimited posts to all personal and organization repositories.

Integrate Review Lens in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Review Lens in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows digital product teams to communicate design and development feedback more efficiently and effectively, improving communication and collaboration. With Review Lens, providing UI feedback only takes a few clicks, and it works with all websites, web applications, and SPAs. This makes it easier for engineers to review code faster by opening an ephemeral channel for each pull request and inviting the right person to act on the code review.

Learn more about Review Lens on the GitHub marketplace.

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