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What is Review Notebook App about?

Review Notebook App is a GitHub application that enables companies to efficiently conduct code reviews for Jupyter notebooks. With ReviewNB, users can easily view notebook diffs, comment and discuss changes, and track open discussions through conversation threads. This service provides a quick and agile way to review code changes, allowing reviewers to focus on the changes that matter.

ReviewNB has been adopted by hundreds of companies, including Microsoft and Google, and has received positive testimonials from data scientists, tech writers, and research scientists. The service has been described as a lifesaver for tracking notebook changes and reviewing pull requests, as it allows users to see exactly what has changed between different revisions. Additionally, the WYSIWYG interface for posting review comments inline is tremendously useful.

For those unable to purchase via the GitHub marketplace, ReviewNB offers the option to set up an account by contacting their support team. Overall, ReviewNB is a valuable tool for any company looking to streamline their code review process for Jupyter notebooks.

What are Review Notebook App features and benefits?

- Rich diffs for easy version control
- Commenting to discuss changes
- Conversation threads to track all open discussions
- Enterprise plan available by filling out a form
- Testimonials from Microsoft, Google, and
- Quick way to view notebook diffs for reviewers
- Lifesaver for quickly seeing diffs and posting comments
- Tracking notebook changes and reviewing pull requests made easy
- Posting review comments inline using a WYSIWYG interface

What is Review Notebook App pricing?

Review Notebook App's pricing is tiered as follows:

- Free for Open Source & Education
- $0 Team Free Trial for Small Team
- $79/month for Business Free Trial for Your Org
- $249/month

Integrate Review Notebook App in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Review Notebook App in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for easy and efficient code reviews of Jupyter notebooks through rich diffs, commenting, and conversation threads, leading to increased agility and productivity in the review process.

Learn more about Review Notebook App on the GitHub marketplace.

Review Notebook App GitHub integration screenshots

See diff for any commit or pull request

See diff for any commit or pull request

Grant access to select repositories only
Track all open issues with Conversation Threads
Review any notebook in the repository

They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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