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What is Reviewly about?

Reviewly is a GitHub application that simplifies the process of managing take-home projects for job candidates. With Reviewly, companies can send take-home projects that simulate real work, allowing them to assess a candidate's coding skills and ability to discuss issues and review pull requests. The process of sending take-home projects is automated, allowing companies to prepare their main repository once and have Reviewly replicate everything in a new repository for each candidate. Additionally, Reviewly can be integrated with existing tools through Zapier.

Customization is another key feature of Reviewly. Companies can set their own custom take-home project, and Reviewly will replicate all its code, issues, and pull requests. This ensures that each candidate is given a unique and relevant project that fits the company's hiring needs.

Finally, Reviewly helps to reduce bias during the hiring process by hiding the candidate's name from reviewers until they have reviewed the project. This helps to eliminate unconscious bias and ensures that candidates are evaluated solely on their skills and abilities. Overall, Reviewly is a powerful tool for companies looking to streamline their hiring process and make more informed hiring decisions.

What are Reviewly features and benefits?

- Simulated real work take-home projects
- Automated take-home project sending process
- Integration with existing tools through Zapier
- Customizable take-home projects
- Reduction of bias during hiring process

What is Reviewly pricing?

Reviewly's pricing is based on a pay-as-you-go model and starts at $0.

Integrate Reviewly in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Reviewly in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for seamless communication and collaboration between hiring managers and engineers during the code review process for job candidates' take-home projects.

Learn more about Reviewly on the GitHub marketplace.

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Accept or reject a candidate's submission. Add some internal notes for future reference, or even send a feedback to the candidate by email.

Accept or reject a candidate's submission. Add some internal notes for future reference, or even send a feedback to the candidate by email.

Create as many take-home projects as you like. There are no limits.
Set who and how many people in your team will have to review each submission. You can also set a time limit for the candidate to submit their work.
Access all your team's internal notes when you need them during a follow up interview, or for future applications.

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